What Does It Mean To Identify, Remove & Replace? Explaning our “TAG LINE” By Jason

girl in gas mask pointing STOP

Detoxing our lives begins by asking the question, “What do I need to GET RID OF?”

If we are really honest with ourselves, it’s not hard to immediately find one or more “TOXINS” we KNOW we need to get out of our lives. Whether it’s a product, food, habit or thought pattern, taking time to identify the negatives is an important first step towards detoxing our lives.

The next step, REMOVAL, is more likely to occur when we get a VISION for WHAT WE WILL REPLACE THE TOXIN WITH.

Once we have found HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES to REPLACE TOXINS with, it becomes so much easier for us to TAKE ACTION to REMOVE the negative and REPLACE the TOXINS.

We want to be a part of YOUR PROCESS in guiding you towards REMOVING TOXINS from your life and replacing them with HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES.




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