Detox Your Life With Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit

Please enjoy the following videos that Ann-Marie & I worked hard to produce for you over the last week. We feel these videos are very concise in their description of…

1. What the Young Living Starter Kit can do for you.

2. The benefits of becoming a Young Living monthly essential rewards member.

3. How you can make a difference in others lives simply by being a Young Living member as a part of the Oil Heroes Team.


Toxic Candles? It’s time to ditch the candles for healthy alternatives today.

If the scented candles in your home contain even the remotest possibility to release toxins, WHY EVEN TAKE THE CHANCE?

Yes, it depends on the kind of candle you buy; however, most candles release numerous types of toxic chemicals, such as benzene and toluene. Benzene is cancer-causing and toluene affects the central nervous system. The scent itself in a candle can contain thousands of chemicals, and most chemicals have not been tested for toxicity, in combination or alone. Studies show that these chemicals in scents can cause damage to the lungs, brain, and central nervous system, as well as cause developmental difficulties. Numerous people report scented candles triggering asthma attacks and even migraines.

Young Living Essential Oils, when diffused in your home, will provide POSITIVE BENEFITS for your physical and mental health… It’s TIME to fill your home with the power of Young Living. Start your Detox Journey today! It’s TIME to fill your home with the power of Young Living. Start your Detox Journey today! 




IMG_0228Can I tell you how INCREDIBLE IT FEELS when I, as a father, see the RESULTS of living THE DETOXED LIFE in my children’s lives and health . It’s a great feeling to know that I am keeping them from the TOXINS that are a part of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) every time I hand them “green leaves” (organic spinach) with their dinner, a bottle of kombucha or when I diffuse Young Living Essential Oils in their room each night…

When you make a change IN YOUR LIFE, change in your sphere of influence is INEVITABLE.

IN THIS NEW SERIES, DETOX HEROES, we are going to be sharing various TOXIC THINGS that we have IDENTIFIED over the years, how we have REMOVED THEM & HOW WE’VE REPLACED THEM.

Join us for this series… Prepare to be AWAKENED, CHALLENGED and INSPIRED to be a Detox Hero in your own life and in your sphere of influence… Jason


Jason’s Detox Journey

In 2012, weighing in at 260+ pounds, I finally admitted to myself that I had let myself go. I’d become toxified, overweight and was not living as well as I KNEW I COULD BE.

I began the process of IDENTIFYING & REMOVING toxifying products, foods, beverages, habits and mindsets that were hindering me from living a better life. I began to REPLACE these negatives with POSITIVE ALTERNATIVES and I have NEVER GONE BACK.

The desire to help others on their own DETOX JOURNEY has led me to, amongst other things, complete certifications as a Nutrition Coach, Life Coach and, most recently, become a Young Living Essential Oils & Products Ambassador.

MOVING FORWARD, I’ve decided to make my coaching & consulting services (normally $125+/hr) available AT NO COST to our Young Living “Oil Heroes” Team Members.

SUCCESSFUL coaching results REQUIRE that the products, food & beverages clients are ingesting be of the utmost quality.

That’s why I am so excited to PAIR YOUNG LIVING PRODUCTS along with the coaching strategies that have helped me detoxify, lose weight and MAINTAIN A VITAL, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

My personal results speak for themselves in that I have NEVER gained back the original weight I lost back in 2012. I’ve become a HERO in my own life and in the eyes of my wife, kids and many others.


GET YOUR STARTER KIT TODAY, join our “Oil Heroes” Team and let’s get in touch with each other! I look forward to building relationship and working together – Jason

*These before and after photos below were taken at Great Wolf Lodge just one year apart. (you can see by my daughter Zoey’s age) This is the power of the Detoxed Life!

Toxic 260lb. Jason (L) VS. Detoxed 200lb. Jason (R)


What Does It Mean To Identify, Remove & Replace? Explaning our “TAG LINE” By Jason

girl in gas mask pointing STOP

Detoxing our lives begins by asking the question, “What do I need to GET RID OF?”

If we are really honest with ourselves, it’s not hard to immediately find one or more “TOXINS” we KNOW we need to get out of our lives. Whether it’s a product, food, habit or thought pattern, taking time to identify the negatives is an important first step towards detoxing our lives.

The next step, REMOVAL, is more likely to occur when we get a VISION for WHAT WE WILL REPLACE THE TOXIN WITH.

Once we have found HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES to REPLACE TOXINS with, it becomes so much easier for us to TAKE ACTION to REMOVE the negative and REPLACE the TOXINS.

We want to be a part of YOUR PROCESS in guiding you towards REMOVING TOXINS from your life and replacing them with HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES.